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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3pexcel.com?


3Pexcel is a marketing organisation that promotes local businesses with the aid of multi-level marketing for improved sales turnover and to improve the lives of direct sales marketers via flexible and sustainable commissions and payout plans.


How does it work?


To be part of the direct sales marketers (member), you have to purchase our membership card (discount card) to register into the program for a once off amount of R1200. Upon registration, you would have access to the members’ portal, your referral link and access to discounted products and services in over 25 categories. With your referral links, you earn immediately when you refer someone to join the network (direct bonus) and also earn on other network downlines/ generations (indirect bonus).


Is this an investment club or ponzi scheme?


3Pexcel is neither an investment club nor a ponzi scheme. This is NOT a platform where you make some deposits and come back after a period to check if it has increased. If you do not refer people, you do not earn. You refer people (direct sales marketing) to patronise our partner stores and you build your sales network team.


What are the benefits of joining 3Pexcel referral program?


There are lots of benefits in joining 3Pexcel referral program. You will have access to goods and services at discounted rates, you earn instantly on each referral you make, you get paid within 24 hours, you enjoy cash back when you shop, your lives are insured (Group Life Insurance). We ensure consumer protection, you have access to other privileged services etc.


How do I join 3Pexcel referral program?


To join, access the registration form here. Simply complete all your details and follow the payment instructions. Your card will be couriered to you.


How do I earn on 3Pexcel?


By referring people and patronising our sales partners. To earn a direct referral bonus (R600), you must be the sponsor of the person(s) you referred.


Which products do you market/promote?


We have several products and services from different industries that are on our portal. You can get most things you want on our portal at discounted rates. You can use your discount card to purchase goods and services at our partner merchants as well.


I need to know more about 3Pexcel referral program?


You may contact us via our contact us section or get in touch through our Facebook and Twitter account.


Are you a registered corporation?

Yes, 3Pexcel is a registered organisation internationally and in South Africa.


Is my registration fee refundable?


No, you cannot request for a refund after registration.


Is my account transferrable?


Yes, to transfer an account to another person, you must initiate the transfer process by sending an email to info@3pexcel.com with the details of the person you are transferring the accounts to. Note you are expected to write us with your registered email. We will not attend to request for transfer if you do not write us with your registered email. This is to prevent unauthorised transfer requests.


I want to join the referral program but am not experienced nor skilled in network marketing?


You can develop your skills on multi-level marketing by reading books on the subject, getting coaching from other people in the industry or reading motivational books.


What is expected of me as a member of 3Pexcel referral program?


Members are expected to refer other members in order to start earning. Members earn R600 direct bonus on each referral and they also earn R300 on their 2nd generation downlines (indirect bonus). You may view the compensation plan for further information. Members are obliged to use their discount card to shop for any of our products and services or in partner retail locations globally.