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3pexcel International was established in 2016 by Xeap Group Incorporated, a registered business corporation in California, United States which deals in high end IT Infrastructures Procurement and Installations, Business Consulting, Outsourcing and Training. In the last quarter of 2016, Xeap Group designed a unified loyalty cards for some few selected shops in the United States and established 3pexcel International to distribute and promote the loyalty cards.

With a drive for excellence, commitment and hard work, 3pexcel designed a unique business model that will promote the usage of the loyalty cards improve sales turnover of merchants, improve lives of direct sales marketers and also encourage the growth of e-commerce business in Africa. The unified loyalty card which metamorphosed into 3pexcel discount cards are now currently used and accepted in multiple shops and business places in Africa and expanding globally.


3pexcel in brief!


3pexcel International is an e-marketing establishment that promotes partner products and services with the use of a unified loyalty card known as 3pexcel discount card.

What we do?

We send huge traffic to local businesses using our discount cards, multilevel marketing strategy and easy business model. We engage local businesses as partners and improve their sales turnover for affordable commissions which are spread as discounts and cash among our members.

Our vision

To be the leading provider of integrated e-marketing solutions for global brands with result driven strategies designed to meet specific needs.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values bleed into every aspect of the business and provides a foundation for behavior, attitude, and decision making. These values are used to define our culture and express the mentality and behaviors necessary for 3pexcel International to achieve her goals

Passion: We love what we do. It is never work, it is always fun and new challenges are met with enthusiasm. We love our business and our clients feel the love every day.



In 3pexcel, there is mutual respect, collaboration, always offering support for one another.

Everyone Has a Voice: It is all about transparency. All team members regardless of rank or position are encouraged to provide insight to our business.

Excellence: We deliver what we promise and add unexpected value to our partner businesses. We often demand more of ourselves than our clients.

3pexcel Business Concept


Our business concept is to drive traffic to businesses using our discount card. Our partners pay 3pexcel commissions for referring customers and also give 3pexcel card holders discounts on every purchase.

As a registered member of 3pexcel International, you have direct discounts on several products and services. Our partners products and services cut across several industries which give members good leverage of purchasing several products at affordable and discounted rates. We select partners from different economy class and budget so as to enhance the consumer world and also to extend our services to consumers in different levels.


New Network Marketing Platform for Wealth Creation

3pexcel International is an e-marketing establishment that promotes partner products and services with the use of Multi-level Marketing (also known as Network Marketing).


We equip our members with the required technological tools that enhance sales and improve turnover.


As a member of 3pexcel International (through 3PExcel South Africa), you have direct discounts on several products and services.

3P Excel South Africa


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Our products and services cut across several industries which gives members good leverage of purchasing diverse products and services at affordable and discounted rates.


There are no monthly or periodic purchases before you earn on our system. It is simple, efficient and very sustainable.

Our history

People | Products | Profit

New and Fresh in South Africa, to be formally launched in December 2018 !!

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